Our Company, Shoei Techno Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.We services about robot welding of industrial , Maintenance and repair of robot, Installation robot and machine, PLC system and touch panel, Electronic, Teaching program of robot welding, Training course of basic operation and welding course of robot. Our Company, Shoei Techno Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. established February 1, 2012

           Our Company, Shoei Techno Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. to support the growth of industry in the country by heading to automobile manufacturing industries. Service handling is to establish the automated equipment with high productivity. You can enhance the quality and increase productivity by requiring a high workability and safety. Our customers will be the manufacturing plant that holds the automation machine and device using the robot. Our role is to provide a full range of services in order to maintain and improve the productivity of automated equipment. I think am very pleased to be able to participate in the Thai industrial development we. That customers in the development of improved productivity and improve the quality of product is that very gratifying for us as well. I gratitude that advance to one step at a time grow with our customers.









Mr.Masami kato

  (President & CEO)



Company's Profile

Company's Name             Shoei Techno Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

Established                       February 1, 2012

Company's Address         499 Moo.10  Sriracha Building Project

                                           Nongkham, Sriracha, Chonburi 20230

                                          Tel : (+66)98 - 8299271, (+66)33 - 033422

                                          Office : (+66)98 - 8299271 Ext. 101,104

                                          Engineer : (+66)98 - 8299271 Ext. 103

                                          Fax : (+66)2 - 9030080 Ext. 6744

Capital                               2,000,000.00 (Two Million Baht)

Shareholder                      100% (Japanese 49%, Thailand 51%)

Managing Director           Mr. Masami Kato

Employees                         9 (As of November 2018)

Company's Policy

-  To keep the operation structure based on technological service

-   To be a kind company to everyone associated with us. 

-   To maintain the policy serves customers and sets great value on job site

( We value these 3 policies to grow ourselves and contribute to society )





Shoei Techno Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
499 Moo.10  Sriracha Building Project, Nongkham, Sriracha, Chonburi, 20230
Tel : (+66)98 - 8299271, (+66)33 - 033422
Fax : (+66)2 - 9030080 Ext. 6744